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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Burger Throw Pillows!

I saw this picture a while ago on etsy but the item was long gone.  I've been thinking about it ever since.  It would be so fun to make a bunch of burger pillows.  It might be a while before I get to this but I made up some designs to work from.

A good starting point would be to choose the size of the largest item and use that as a reference for the others.  Probably the largest item would be the lettuce or the top piece of the top bun.

Top bun construction:  With the lighter color, cut a circle to the bun size and mark the outer edges in several places (top, bottom, left, right, etc).  With the darker color, cut a much larger circle and mark the same spots.  Make seeds and attach to the right side of the darker circle.  Then sew the top and bottom pieces together with right sides together, having pinned the pieces together, matching up the marks.  I imaging you'd be sewing through a bit of ruffles.  You could also cut slits in the top piece to create seams if you don't want the ruffles.  Leave a slit to turn out to the right side and stuff.

Seed construction for bun, pickles, and tomato: Mark a circular shape and then make a point at one end.  Cut two shapes for each seed and sew with right sides together, leaving a slit so you can turn right side out.  (I don't plan on stuffing the seeds.)  I would make a cardboard template to make them all the same.

Tomato construction: Cut 2 circles from lighter red and attach seeds to one or both sides.  Then cut a long strip of the darker red and attach all the way around to both circles.  Where the ends of the strip meet will be open - turn right side out, stuff and sew shut.

Pickles:  This could go a lot of different ways.  The most simple would be to do it the same way as the tomato slices.  I'm thinking about making the long side strip zig-zaged to make a crinkle cut pickle but that seems like a lot of work...  I could also ruffle the fabric back and forth on the top for a crinkly effect.  Pickles should be slightly triangular, not a perfect circle.

The cheese!  This would be the easiest one - just cut a rectangle 1x by 2x, fold and sew.  (Don't stuff this one.)

Burger time! For the meat, I don't think it needs a side strip.  I would just do 2 equal size circles and sew them together.  The stripes could be done easily with strips of a darker color with finished edges.

For the lettuce... this one could go a lot of ways.  I'm thinking about cutting a blobby shape and using some long straight stitching to mimic the veins in the leaves, and then pull them a little to make it ruffly.

Bottom bun construction: This would be a lot like the tomato constuction with cutting 2 circles and attaching them to a band.

Once I make this I'm sure it will become an enchanting cat fort.

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