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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Fleeb

Everyone has a plumbus in their home, but how do they make the plumbus?  Well I'll tell you: fleeb has a very instrumental role.  It's important that the fleeb is rubbed because the fleeb has all the fleeb juice.  But how do they make the fleeb in the first place?

Today on How They Do It: Fleeb

For the body of the Fleeb, cotton worsted weight yarn is used.  Make sure your 4mm hook shows up to rub the yarn.  The body consists of single crochets and bobble stitches.  (For these bobble stitches, work 4 double crochets together in the same stitch.  Make 1 body.

  1. Sc 8 into a magic ring.  Slip to first stitch. (8)
  2. Sc in first stitch, sc and bobble stitch in the next.  Repeat around. (12)
  3. Sc 2, inc around (16)
  4. Sc, sc + bobble around (24)
  5. Sc 2, inc around (32)
  6. Sc, bobble around (32)
  7. Sc around (32)
  8. Sc, bobble around (32)
  9. Sc around (32)
  10. Sc, bobble around (32)
  11. Sc around (32)
  12. Sc, bobble around (32)
  13. Sc 2, dec around (24)
  14. Dec, bobble around (16) [Stuff some polyfill in now]
  15. Sc 2, dec around (12) [Stuff to satisfaction]
  16. Dec, bobble around (8)
    Cut yarn and use tail to sew the remaining 8 stitches shut.  Weave in both ends.
Using size 3 cotton crochet thread, we'll make the arms out of chains and slip stitches.

Chain 15 (the length of the arm) + 6 (the length of the first finger).  Slip stitch into the second chain on the hook and the next 4 stitches (5 slip stitches).  I work these into the back bump of the chain.  Now chain 6 more and slip back into the second chain from the hook and then next 4 stitches.  Repeat this one more time (ch 6, slip 5).  Now slip into the 15th chain from the beginning which is where the fingers meet the arm.  Slip into all of the rest of the chains.  Make 2 arms.

Using size 3 white cotton crochet thread, we'll make eyes and sew on a red bead for the pupil.
  1. Sc 6 in a magic ring.  Slip to first stitch.
  2. Chain 1, sc 2, sc 2, hdc 2, sc 2, sc 2, hdc 2, slip to first stitch.
Using red sewing thread a 2 seed beads, sew the beads onto the center of the eyes.  Make 2 eyes.


The top of the fleeb will be row 1 and the decreases will be on the bottom where the fleeb juice comes out.  Sew on the arms using the two tails. (Thread one of the arms through the body, tie the two tails together and pull the tails through the work and cut.)  I have sewn my arms between rows 13 and 14, about 6 bobbles apart.

To attach the eyes, choose two bobbles in row 13 and push them inwards so they invert.  Place the eyes over the inverted bobbles and pin in place.  Use white sewing thread to attach.

The fleeb is now ready to aid in the construction of the plumbus.