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Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to Crochet Garter Stitch

Like many crocheters, I'm fascinated by crochet stitches that look knitted.  There are plenty of patterns for recreating stockinette but I've never seen one for garter.  I had a happy little accident today and figured out one way to do it.

This is worked in tunisian crochet and is very simple to do.  Chain any number you like and then pick up stitches in the chain back across.  I like to pick up stitches in the bump of the chain.  Work back pulling through 2 loops at a time like you normally would. When you go to pick up stitches in the next row, I pick up the stitches through the back bump loops on top instead of the vertical bars.  This is what creates the look of the garter stitch.  You're always working on the backside of the piece, so you'll need to turn it over to see how it's going.

Here's the crochet swatch next to one that is actually knitted:

Crochet on the left, knitting on the right.
Not exactly sure why I find this so exciting considering I know how to knit as well, but it was fun to play around with.


  1. Do you have a video tutorial so we can see exactly what you mean?

    1. Hi Silvie. Sorry but I don't make videos (yet!) but that is a great idea and I will keep it in mind. A little experience with tunisian crochet may be handy when trying to make this stitch. The back bumps that you need to draw loops through during the forward pass are created by the yarn overs in the previous reverse pass. Hope that helps a little!