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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Slip Stitch in Back Loop Only Crochet Rib (Resembles 1x1 Knit Rib)

One of the wonderful things about crochet is that no matter how long you've been hooking, there is always something new to learn.  I was really excited to learn this new stitch because it closely mimics a knit one purl one rib in knitting.  Here's a close up shot.  Ignore the horrendous photography.

Crochet slip stitch ribbing

The stitch itself is very simple and is worked exactly like a single crochet back loop only ribbing but uses slip stitches instead of single crochets.  

Chain the number you want for your width + 1 for the turning chain (for my sample I used 11 chains, 10 stitches wide plus a turning chain) and then slip stitch into each chain across.  You can use any part of the chain you like to work this first row.  Once you've worked across, chain 1 and turn, and then slip stitch into every back loop across.  (The 'back loop' is always the one farther away from you after you've turned your work.)  Then just repeat slip stitching into the back loop on every row until you reach your desired length.  It's important to work these stitches loosely and gently tug the fabric into shape every few rows.  It will look like it's shrinking a little because the stitches will pull toward each other a bit.

The fabric created from this stitch is dense, thick, and squishy with lots of stretch between rows.  It is also completely reversible.  It would be perfect for the bottom of a sweater or ribbing for a glove or mitten.  I would also use this technique for amigurumi for tank treads.

I joined my example into a little bracelet.  It's stretchy enough to easily get on and off and bounces back into a shape to stay right where you want it.

Perfectly for a bracelet or cuff
Cuff laying flat

And a view of the stretch:
The stretch is about 1.5 to 2 times the width of the unstretched material

And one more with altered colors to define the stitches:
Cotton would be much better to show stitch definition than this acrylic


  1. Very nice! I have just come across this method! I love it! I'm going to work up a pattern for this because it's like the best thing for crochet (imo) since slice bread for man! Lol thanks for sharing!

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