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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Teeny Tiny Little Crochet

I've always been fascinated by ordinary things done on a very large or very small scale.  Examples of large scale crochet are fairly common as t-shirt yarn becomes more popular.  I haven't seen much on the small end yet.  My smallest steel hook is a #10, 1.30mm.  It's too small to use for even the smallest crochet thread I have so for a while I've been thinking about using it with sewing thread or embroidery thread and seeing how small a project I can make.  I started with a single strand of sewing thread, but that turned out to be too loose and hard to handle so I held 3 strands together and it seemed fairly proportional.  Splitting is a bit of an issue but surprisingly the thread sticks to its fellow strands pretty well.  Having a lighted magnifying glass stand comes in handy for little things like this.

I haven't done anything too exciting yet, just a little test piece but it would be fun to think of little projects to work up in the scale.

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  1. My bloggy friend Snowcatcher shares your fascination with tiny fiber projects. I believe she's done a little bear out of sewing thread. DOT html

    Kudos to you for tackling this!

    And thanks for commenting on my scrubbie post. :)