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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fruit Slice Coasters

This is another one of the very first patterns I wrote like the little octopus.  I was so excited to go from following other people's patterns to making my own.  It's very simple and I think a lot of people have their own little version of this.  I love the endless possibilities of this simple design... tropical fruits, maybe some veggies like purple onions and tomatoes are down the road.

So far I have lemon...

and lime...

And I made grapefruit and orange but I don't think I have any pictures.  And my newest one that I'm still really excited about for summer: watermelon:

The basic patterns are very simple: 2 rounds of double crochet, then two rounds of single crochet and add little embellishments.  I like to work in back loops only for a cleaner color change between rounds.  I may even add in a row of slip stitches for a better color change.  I prefer cotton for these.

Some ideas: kiwi and dragon fruit?

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