snowy field image

snowy field image

Friday, August 7, 2015

How do you magic ring?

There seem to be just a ton of ways to get the same result: an adjustable ring.  I always find it difficult to follow pictures or tutorials with hands in the way.  Here's my little version in case I need to remind myself how I like to do it best:


  1. I like to use a kind of reverse magic ring, in which the yarn is wrapped in the opposite direction. This means the yarn tail is coming towards the stitches as you work around the ring. Though slightly awkward, it seems to give extra security. (See my Knotless Chain tutorial if that doesn't any sense.) :)

    1. Cool! I would not have thought to do it that way. Security is always my concern. I would hate to have things start to unravel from the center.... nightmares...