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snowy field image

Friday, August 7, 2015

Honeycomb Blanket

If I ever get around to making another blanket, I would love to make one based off of the look of honeycomb.  I could do the traditional hexagon, but it might look better to do the first two rows as circles and then add in a third round to make it hexagonal.

So row 1 would be 12 dc in a ring
Row 2, 24 dc (inc in each dc)
Row 3 would be each side consisting of (chain 1, dc in the space, 4 dc, dc in the space, chain 1)

Might need a few half doubles in the middle of the outside row sections or maybe work the last round in singles....

All I have with me today is blue yarn.  It would be totally sweet if honeycomb was blue.

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