snowy field image

snowy field image

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Leaf Pattern

No source for this image...  another pinterest ghost

I've made an update to this post, which can be found here:

I came across this beautiful design but sadly it's only an image.  I couldn't find a source or a pattern - everything just lead back to pinterest and the same website with just images.

I've improvised my own pattern based on the photo but I haven't tried it out yet so there are bound to be mistakes.

I didn't write it out yet, just made a stitch diagram.  I'm sure I'll change a few things if I ever get around to working it up.  Basically you start with a chain ring and work 24 DC into it, then SC + chain 3 in every other DC around, then start working shells into the chain spaces.  It looks like the original pattern is worked around and around but to simplify it for myself I would start turning back and forth once you get to the point where the rows become uneven.  It works out so that you work half of the outside row as you work back and forth and the other half (in black) once you've finished all the rows.  This would be fun project to work in small scale.

Made a draft version with size 10 crochet thread and size 1.65 hook -

Need to change some things:
  • Don't like the picot with 3 SC in the chain space with the picot in the middle.  New tip for leaves: SC in the chain space, ch 4, sc in the chain space
  • Change the starting chain to 12 so there's more room for round 1.
  • Need to add some SC to the edges of the new levels that stick up.  Turned out ok on the left side and the top where I started to do that, but the right side is a bit ragged.
  • It looks like a lot of the stitches were worked in the back loops only.  It makes it harder to see which rows are right side and wrong side..
  • It might make the shaping and drape a bit better if a larger hook size was used.
I didn't block this one but I kind of like how it looks wrinkly.  

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