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snowy field image

Friday, September 4, 2015

Spider web pattern

I just downloaded a cute little book of free Halloween patterns from Red Heart.  The little spider web thing made me think about how I would make a spider web myself.  Of course this lead to like an hour of reading spider facts and watching web building videos on youtube.  It's funny how just learning about something can make it go from creepy to interesting to cute.

The frame of the web is more important than I thought.  When I think about spider webs its sort of an abstract stand-alone shape, but of course for the spider, the frame and initial strands are very important.  It starts with a top strand and that strand get reinforced so that it can hold the weight of the web, then the center point is created with a another strand pulled down from the first and other from the V to the anchor point on the bottom.  Then all the other supports can be added and finally the sticky spiral that catches insects.  Something to note is that spiders don't seem to give two craps about symmetry.  Most drawn spider webs seem to have everything in perfect proportions like a sliced pie and all the little dangly parts somehow sucked into the center without regard for gravity.

I would probably work the same way, starting with a thin wire frame in a square and several anchoring strands around the outside made from long chains of yarn.  Next the support strands and finally a long chain going around in a spiral attached to each support.

Something like this:

I much prefer white.  I get why people make them in black but it just seems so wrong to do it that way.

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