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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tiny Crochet Hearts

This is another pattern from Wink's blog:

I thought they would turn out perfect in miniature.  2 strands of sewing thread held together, 1.3mm hook.

Some things I learned working these in miniature:
  • With the small steel hooks, there's a taper to the hook so you have to make sure the threads stay very close to the hook part or the loops will come off bigger than expected.  This was a bit difficult when working double and triple crochets.
  • Don't use a very long thread - it will get snagged up.
  • When using a double strand, use the two ends as the tail and leave the working end connected in a loop.  If you need to add additional length, pull another length through the loop so the two loops connect - that way you don't have to tie anything.  Only works once though.
  • Work a lot slower than normal with exaggerated movements and twist the hook more than you normally would to pull the loops through each other.

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